Ryman's Italio River Sport Camp

    Here’s the real McCoy for serious outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty and solitude of Alaska’s Tongass National Forest wilderness in a comfortable, natural and safe setting.

     Located at the confluence of 3 salmon rivers -- Back River, Italio and Akwe where they join and dump into the Gulf of Alaska.

     The camp is un-guided and operator-owners Skip Ryman and Jake Jacobson will see you off at the Yakutat airport with necessary supplies but won’t accompany to you to camp; it’s yours exclusively for duration of your stay.

     About 13 minutes by air taxi, you’ll land at “the Middle Strip” and find our 4-wheeler and trailer, then drive it up the trail about one mile into camp where you’ll find a lodge, the tool shed, and canoes. There’s a sky phone for emergencies and contacting your bush pilot.

      For fishermen, the Coho run is usually re-booked way in advance by long-time folks who’ve used the camp for years, sometimes 2nd generation, so the best dates usually available are during the Sockeye salmon run roughly June 23 – July 18. The sockeye run is Yakutat’s understated gem. They are probably the best eating and certainly the best smoking and the run is usually stronger than Coho.

     Bring your food, sleeping bags, clothing and sport gear. Inside are 2 bunk beds with sleeping pads, cooking utensils, propane cooktop and lanterns, and a woodstove for heat (firewood furnished).


Successful fisherman heading up Don Jacklyn's steps to the 2-minute trail.

Aerial Map Photo (on right) depicts the Gulf of Alaska, a long sandbar shielding the Akwe River, and 2 smaller rivers dumping in to it. Closest to the viewer is the Back River, and just downstream (on your right) from that, the Italio River enters the Akwe after making a couple horseshoe turns. And actually, Ryman’s Italio Sport Camp is very much in the photo – you just cannot see it in the trees. You look at the Italio where it first comes out of the trees (upstream) and around a large gravel bar. Our camp is maybe 40 yards into the trees where it first comes out. More explicitly stated, the camp is about 40 yards from the Italio River and 40 yards in from the gravel bar.
photo courtesy of Yakutat Coastal Airlines
Ahhhhhhh... The Beach!
Relaxing on a drift log looking at the
Gulf of Alaska before beachcombing.
Russ Olson
has one on in the photo above.
Tool Shed photo (0643/12-08-09) caption: Splitting wood at the Tool Shed. It contains generators, a small reefer-freezer, and tools. While not recommended, it can be used to sleep 2 more people in a pinch.
After weeks of work, we restored the Middle Strip to
safe workability 2 years ago. You’ll land here,
then find our 4-wheeler and trailer stored in a cut-out
in the nearby trees.

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